Friday, March 1, 2013

I wish I could have you.

For quite some time now, I've been on the hunt for an ankle strap sandals. A month ago I've seen this on Victoria's Secret website and fell in love with it instantly. Not only it would go with every outfit in my closet, but I could sense that it's really comfortable because of it heel height. Since I have my daughter already, I couldn't afford walking around in 4inches heel like I used to do before.
I am actually surprised that Victoria's Secret has it's own shoe line already and to be honest I would really have to my very own pair, and I'm really hoping that these shoe would be my first one. The price is actually very affordable ($78)but I'm not yet sure if my husband would agree on this. I actually mentioned to him a week ago that I would love to have this pair, but his reply was "wait for it to go on sale". But honestly I really thought that this type of shoe won't go on sale, and if it does, the pretty and neutral colors would be already sold out.
I tried adding the black ones on my shopping cart and there's quite a long wait. Like a month or two for the black ones, the pink one is ready to ship. If ever my husband agrees to buy me this shoe, I'm still not sure on which color I should get. But I'm leaning towards, black, nude and pink.
I really hope I could get this as a 10th yr anniversary gift or a birthday gift since it's coming really soon.
crossing my fingers.