Friday, March 1, 2013

I wish I could have you.

For quite some time now, I've been on the hunt for an ankle strap sandals. A month ago I've seen this on Victoria's Secret website and fell in love with it instantly. Not only it would go with every outfit in my closet, but I could sense that it's really comfortable because of it heel height. Since I have my daughter already, I couldn't afford walking around in 4inches heel like I used to do before.
I am actually surprised that Victoria's Secret has it's own shoe line already and to be honest I would really have to my very own pair, and I'm really hoping that these shoe would be my first one. The price is actually very affordable ($78)but I'm not yet sure if my husband would agree on this. I actually mentioned to him a week ago that I would love to have this pair, but his reply was "wait for it to go on sale". But honestly I really thought that this type of shoe won't go on sale, and if it does, the pretty and neutral colors would be already sold out.
I tried adding the black ones on my shopping cart and there's quite a long wait. Like a month or two for the black ones, the pink one is ready to ship. If ever my husband agrees to buy me this shoe, I'm still not sure on which color I should get. But I'm leaning towards, black, nude and pink.
I really hope I could get this as a 10th yr anniversary gift or a birthday gift since it's coming really soon.
crossing my fingers.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The yellow MANGO bag

So this was the bag i got since the white studded one was already out of stock the moment i was about to order it. Bummer!

To be honest, i'm having a difficulty figuring out an outfit that would match this bag. I googled and found some bloggers and some hollywood stars who paired them with violet, brown and of course neutral colors. Is it really that limited?

Kindly comment below if you have any idea where i could match this yellow bag. Thanks for dropping by my page!

Back to Basics

I was on the hunt for shoes that's stylish and comfy at the same time. I was inspired by theonlyfashionprincess to get myself ankle strap black wedges. I still have to get myself ankle straps that are midheel and open toes. But for now here are the shoes that I've got over the weekend. It's nothing really exciting since it's all basic. But I'm pretty sure i could wear this both in my whole lifetime.

Ankle strap black wedges $39.99 from report
Nude pumps $ 31.99 from unlisted

Still waiting for them to arrive in the mail (photos grabbed from macys website)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lusting over you.

Surprisingly in a very upbeat mode. Slept for barely 3 hours. Currently listening to one directions - what makes you beautiful and lusting/drooling/dreaming of having the studded white bag from Mango. I know, i have a problem! I'm a purse, shoes, clothing hoarder... But what can i do it's on sale, it's on trend, it's free shipping! Now i just have to figure out how to tell my husband about it. Haha! Hoping for a positive answer later this afternoon!

Anyway, here's the photo of the bag that i like, it's too pretty especially in black... But unfortunately it's no longer available. But the white is pretty too right? And i need a variety. White looks sophisticated after all.

The yellow purse is just an alternative just in case hubby says yes but the spiked clutch is no longer available. Still hoping for a positive outcome. 1. Hubby says yes. 2. Spiked clutch should be in stock.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ipsy Sneak Peeks (February 2013)

It's almost february and it's my first year anniversary with IPSY formerly known as MYGLAM, and I'm hoping for a little something from the company since I sticked with them all this time, including those months where I received awful bags. But the past is past, and IPSY has really changed drastically, for the good and I'm very happy I didn't give up on them :)
Anyway, since it's the end of the month it's time for sneak peeks!
Disclaimer: All photos are grabbed from IPSY and their official facebook page.

"Teaser to the theme"
Seems promising right?
Still a little blurry but I see a lot of make-up of stuff, who's getting excited? A girl can't have too many make-up? Agree?
FEBRUARY GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #1: Custom palettes will have you gorgeous and glowing.
Eye-shadows from coastal scents! I love it! They are very pigmented and easy to work with, hoping for some neutral or pink-ish colors!
Nothing very special about the bag, but who cares? Everything is only for $10, why would I complain?
There's still a lot more of sneak peeks to come, will constantly edit this everytime I see anything from their page. Stay tuned!

FEBRUARY GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2: A silky and smooth start to your perfect Look.
They say it's a primer from PIXI! Can't wait to try it out, I'm in badly need of a new primer!
FEBRUARY GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2: A silky and smooth start to your perfect Look.
A gel-liner? why not! Hoping it's blackest of the black!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wish list: Wedge sneakers

I want you, i need you especially this winter where i can't afford to not wear socks everytime i go outside. It's so chilly that you really want your feet all covered up. Hopefully i can get you before it gets warm again.

Saw this wedge sneakers from macys website and immediately fell in love with. I chose the black color because i feel like it would go with just about anything especially if im wearing black leggings. It's from material girl and it comes with 2 different colors. It's only 69 usd!

Material girls tourist wedge sneakers.
Please be mine soon?

Zara disappointment

So i went online shopping this January since Zara was on sale. My package arrived and i was so excited! To my disappointment when i opened one of my orders, diamante bracelet, it was damaged! One of it's neon design is missing and it's very obvious! So i emailed zara right a way and took a photo of the bracelet showing that everything is still intact and i still havent used it. I emailed them 2 days ago regarding my complaint and guess what until now i still haven't gotten any reply. I don't wanna go through the process of returning it since it wasn't my fault at all! I'm very disapppointed zara, please do something about this. I understand that i got the bracelet on sale for 5.99usd but still i deserve to get a product in perfect condition right? I still paid for it.

I still love you Zara, don't get me wrong.