Friday, January 18, 2013

Wish list: Wedge sneakers

I want you, i need you especially this winter where i can't afford to not wear socks everytime i go outside. It's so chilly that you really want your feet all covered up. Hopefully i can get you before it gets warm again.

Saw this wedge sneakers from macys website and immediately fell in love with. I chose the black color because i feel like it would go with just about anything especially if im wearing black leggings. It's from material girl and it comes with 2 different colors. It's only 69 usd!

Material girls tourist wedge sneakers.
Please be mine soon?


  1. Thanks for dropping by my page and leaving a comment! I know right? And I'm pretty sure it would go with just about everything in my closet! I really wish I could have them!