Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Haul: Zara high heel jelly shoes

My last package from my shopping spree came today. I immediately opened it because I wanna make sure it fits me, and i'm glad they did!

I tried it on and the jelly straps didn't hurt. The heels are quite high and there's no platform. It's not advisable to wear this if there's a lot of walking involved. Best time to wear this is during parties, photo shoots and coffee bonding with friends.

I still don't have idea on how I would wear this, feel free to post a comment for any suggestions.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this purchase. For 15.99 USD, it's totally worth it.

Fall must-have

Fall is coming really soon. Of course we need to shop to update our closet with the latest style and trends!

So here's my checklist for Fall! I got it from Victoria's Secret magazine.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Inspiration: Peplum Top

Inspired by Rock and Roses! I now have an idea on how to wear my Peplum Tops! Thanks Silvia P! I'm now your new follower. I love your style!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Outfit of the day: Laces & Colors

It's Sunday! And as we all know, sunday is family day. I decided to wear this outfit today because I'm feeling upbeat and I want it to reflect in what I'm wearing. Laces and colored pants are so popular this season, and since it's summer I figured this combination would be perfect!

I got this white lacey top a long time ago, in fact I even got it in Manila last 2010 from Kamiseta (a local brand). It doesn't come with the inner tube so I had to buy it seperately, I actually got it for only 50 pesos and that's equivalent to $1! Cheap isn't it?

My colored jeans actually came from Aeropostale, and it was on sale when I got it. It was only $6.99!!! Such a steal.

Shoes came from Colin Stuart, and yes it was on sale too! Got it for $16.99 from the Victoria's Secret website. I'm such a sucker for SALE items, but who isn't? Just shop on the right time, be patient and don't be lazy looking for great and inexpensive trendy items. In the end, it's all worth it.

I'm just trying to look FIERCE in the last photo, hope it worked ^_^

Thanks for viewing my blog. What do you think about my look? Feel free to post your comment.

Top: Kamiseta /Pants: Aeropostale /Pumps: Colin Stuart /Belt: Lacoste

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Haul: Birchbox order!

My package arrive today from Birchbox and it has 3 items, Stainiac ftom Thebalm, Stila lipgloss trio and Jurlique Balm. I've tried the stainiac already from my June birchbox and I loved it! It doesn't dry my lips at all and it leaves this beautiful stain even after eating and drinking... That's the reason why I ordered the full size right away while they still offer free shipping!

On the other hand I really got curious with the stila lip gloss trio in this july box, I was actually hoping I would get it from my box but I actually got eyeko skinny liner in black not that I was disappointed, i'm actually happy I got a full sized liner, it's just that I'm not a liner girl.

Friday night out!

Friday night out!
I'm only at home today with my family but if I'm going out today this is what I'm going to wear. It's so chic, classy and not to mention very trendy. I still don't have these pieces on my closet, but this is definitely on my wish list.

I chose this outfit because the high low dress is pretty, on trend and my favorite color is pink. I chose the nude wedge because I'm pretty sure it's going to be comfortable and the color would just go with about anything in my closet. And last but not the least, the Louis Vuitton SPEEDY bag, because it's LV and it simply brings the whole outfit together.

Haul: ZARA double cloth and lace dress

My package arrived today and I was really stoked. Shopping online is so addicting, because it makes me happy twice! First, when I do the online shopping and second, when the package arrives!

I'm very happy with this dress, I am beyond satisfied. I can't wait to wear and pair it with my most treasured accessories!
I'll be posting a picture soon while i'm wearing it.

Price: $89.99
From the new collection July 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspiration: Classy and preppy

I fell in love instantly when I saw this dress from Mango's website. I waited and waited for it to have my size, but didn't had the luck. Now when I checked their website, they finally have the size that I need, the color that I like and not to mention it's now on sale for 39.99 USD (original price was 59.99 USD) but I can't have it because I did a lot of shopping already. Hahaha!

So now, I'm planning to recreate this look in the future... I'll be working on the clothes that I have or I'll be having, it's pretty easy because the combination of the dress are all basic.

And also this picture reminds me of something really important! I need to get myself nude peep toes! Got to have it soon!

Disclaimer: image was grabbed from Mango's website

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Collection: Shoe collection back home

These are the shoe collection that I left back home. I didn't bring them with me because I thought I won't be using them here in the US. When given the chance, I'll bring them all with me. These are all the high-heeled shoe that I own that I cannot use at the moment -- I miss them!

Left to right, starting from the top to bottom
Gold pumps from Celine, one of my oldest and favorite pair
Nude wedges
Black peep toe strappy heels - People are people
Black edgy booties - People are people
Black strappy heels - People are people
Brown pumps with bow - confetti
Blue wedges - Gennevieve Gozum
Turquoise jeans kitten heel
White strappy wedges - Janylin
White pumps - CMG
Grey peep toes - People are people
Blue peep toes - Celine (most of expensive shoe that I bought that time)
Yellow strappy heels - Celine (very comfy)
Red strappy heels
Hot Pink peep toes - People are people

All brands that were mentioned are all local brands, they are all inexpensive but they are very durable and not to mention very stylish.

I'll be uploading soon my shoe collection here in the US. Stay tuned!

Zara - TRF High heel jelly shoes

I'm so excited, last night I ordered online a new shoes from ZARA, currently they are having this huge sale, and of course I had to take advantage of it, thanks to my husband for being very supportive! :-)

I got this shoes for only $15.99, can you believe it? $17.23 with taxes... And it's from ZARA, I just can't get over it, such a steal!

On their website they said that the heel is 14cm/ 5.51in. I believe I can handle that only if there's few walking involved.

I'll be posting another blog when this package arrive, actually I'm waiting for two, because the other night I ordered another dress! That I'll be wearing for a very special occassion.

What are your thoughts about this shoes? How would you wear it and where would you pair it? Feel free to comment, I need ideas! :-)

Disclaimer: all images are grabbed from ZARA website.

Nails: Pure Ice in Busted

This nail color is very easy to apply. It goes on smooth and sheer. I had to apply 3 coats just so the color would appear like the way it's showing in the bottle. I didn't apply a top coat afterwards... The color chipped after 2 days. Next time, I know better -- always apply a top coat!

Price: 1.99 USD purchased from Walmart

Overall, I'll still be buying more of these simply because they have pretty colors and majority of them are really sparkly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Haul: MANGO high-low dress & envelope bag

Another happy day today, my package from Mango arrived this morning, what a great way to start my day!
Mango has an on going sale since last week, and yes... I had to take advantage of it. I ordered my first ever envelope bag in a neutral color and a papaya colored high low dress.
I got them both at a very good price! So excited to wear them one of these days :-)

Here are additional images that I got from Mango.com. I got the dress for only $39.99 USD & the envelope bag for $16.99 USD. Worth it right?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outfit of the day: Kid at heart

Went to a children's party and I decided to wear this high-low skirt. I decided to pair it with this turquoise sleeveles since it's scorching hot outside. I instantly fell in love with this outfit so I decided to make this as my first outfit of the day.

Top from Victoria's Secret/Skirt from Forever21/Necklace & Earrings from Charlotte Russe/Watch from Michael Kors/Bag from Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM/Shoes from Adrienne Vittadini/Shades from Forever21 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Collection: For the love of ROSE GOLD

I love pink. That's why when the rose gold trend came along, I just fell in love. It's very unique, girly and it truly makes a fashion statement.

My very first rose gold item was a mother's day gift from my husband... A rose gold Michael Kors watch... I can't stop myself from wearing it! It's just so incredibly beautiful!

Bracelets on the right photo are both from H&M
Dangling earrings from H&M
Hoop earrings & bangles from Juicy couture.

Fashion: Obsessed with High-low skirts

This is my current obsession, and yes I would like to have all the high low skirts available, if only it's possible. But right now these 2 colors are on the top of my list, mint and salmon.

I know, I just know this would be perfect this summer season. Bright color with matching flowy texture. I can't wait to have them inside my overflowing closet.

The beginning

This is the start of something new.
Following my heart & my dreams.
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