Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zara - TRF High heel jelly shoes

I'm so excited, last night I ordered online a new shoes from ZARA, currently they are having this huge sale, and of course I had to take advantage of it, thanks to my husband for being very supportive! :-)

I got this shoes for only $15.99, can you believe it? $17.23 with taxes... And it's from ZARA, I just can't get over it, such a steal!

On their website they said that the heel is 14cm/ 5.51in. I believe I can handle that only if there's few walking involved.

I'll be posting another blog when this package arrive, actually I'm waiting for two, because the other night I ordered another dress! That I'll be wearing for a very special occassion.

What are your thoughts about this shoes? How would you wear it and where would you pair it? Feel free to comment, I need ideas! :-)

Disclaimer: all images are grabbed from ZARA website.

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