Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspiration: Classy and preppy

I fell in love instantly when I saw this dress from Mango's website. I waited and waited for it to have my size, but didn't had the luck. Now when I checked their website, they finally have the size that I need, the color that I like and not to mention it's now on sale for 39.99 USD (original price was 59.99 USD) but I can't have it because I did a lot of shopping already. Hahaha!

So now, I'm planning to recreate this look in the future... I'll be working on the clothes that I have or I'll be having, it's pretty easy because the combination of the dress are all basic.

And also this picture reminds me of something really important! I need to get myself nude peep toes! Got to have it soon!

Disclaimer: image was grabbed from Mango's website

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