Sunday, July 29, 2012

Outfit of the day: Laces & Colors

It's Sunday! And as we all know, sunday is family day. I decided to wear this outfit today because I'm feeling upbeat and I want it to reflect in what I'm wearing. Laces and colored pants are so popular this season, and since it's summer I figured this combination would be perfect!

I got this white lacey top a long time ago, in fact I even got it in Manila last 2010 from Kamiseta (a local brand). It doesn't come with the inner tube so I had to buy it seperately, I actually got it for only 50 pesos and that's equivalent to $1! Cheap isn't it?

My colored jeans actually came from Aeropostale, and it was on sale when I got it. It was only $6.99!!! Such a steal.

Shoes came from Colin Stuart, and yes it was on sale too! Got it for $16.99 from the Victoria's Secret website. I'm such a sucker for SALE items, but who isn't? Just shop on the right time, be patient and don't be lazy looking for great and inexpensive trendy items. In the end, it's all worth it.

I'm just trying to look FIERCE in the last photo, hope it worked ^_^

Thanks for viewing my blog. What do you think about my look? Feel free to post your comment.

Top: Kamiseta /Pants: Aeropostale /Pumps: Colin Stuart /Belt: Lacoste

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