Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Collection: Shoe collection back home

These are the shoe collection that I left back home. I didn't bring them with me because I thought I won't be using them here in the US. When given the chance, I'll bring them all with me. These are all the high-heeled shoe that I own that I cannot use at the moment -- I miss them!

Left to right, starting from the top to bottom
Gold pumps from Celine, one of my oldest and favorite pair
Nude wedges
Black peep toe strappy heels - People are people
Black edgy booties - People are people
Black strappy heels - People are people
Brown pumps with bow - confetti
Blue wedges - Gennevieve Gozum
Turquoise jeans kitten heel
White strappy wedges - Janylin
White pumps - CMG
Grey peep toes - People are people
Blue peep toes - Celine (most of expensive shoe that I bought that time)
Yellow strappy heels - Celine (very comfy)
Red strappy heels
Hot Pink peep toes - People are people

All brands that were mentioned are all local brands, they are all inexpensive but they are very durable and not to mention very stylish.

I'll be uploading soon my shoe collection here in the US. Stay tuned!

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